Weight Loss eBook



Welcome to your successful weight-loss guide. Chances are that you’ve been through a heap of ‘diet’ books already, probably containing all sorts of questionable & confusing information, not to mention those programs on TV. The good news is that you can forget all of that as I have sifted through all of those too! This eBook brings you all the best bits, applies the latest research by industry professionals & guides you through it step-by-step, making it realistic to fit it in with your lifestyle. There is by no means a ‘one-method-fits-all’ approach as every personality, body & lifestyle are different, but this guide will help you find what works for you.

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“My score if you want one, 9 out of 10!!”
By Councillor Karl Wilson in 2018
Overall I could really relate to the overall sentiment of the book, the language used is pitched correctly. I really liked it.



“A refreshing change.”
By Juliet Canham in 2018
Really enjoyed it, I love how its split in to bite-size chunks of information & wasn't what i expected at all having read so many diet books before.



“Fantasic read!.”
By Cathy Braiden in 2018
Really good, very informative, easy to read & moves in a sequential manner.




“Some great action points on discovering any weak-links we may have.”
John Cammish - Personal Trainer, in 2018
Many people may simply slash calories without addressing the root-cause, this eBook helps us to look inwards first as this could open up a new thought process.




“Another well-presented guide from James!”
By David Stevens in 2018
Well researched and easy to understand. This will greatly help in achieving goals.




“A great approach to understanding the theory behind reducing body-fat.”
By A. Briggs in 2018
It gives examples that are relevant to my gender, body-shape & lifestyle. Suggests options for me to try out & work towards when i am feeling ready.